Our Little Makery: Our Story

About Our Little Makery

I created Our Little Makery (formerly Make It Night) for two reasons: to give people a DIY project they would love and provide a time and space to create fun memories with friends and family. After having twins I felt like my days were full of bottles, diapers, laundry and repeat. I was craving a project where I could actually start and finish it in the same sitting. When my twins were born I also had a 2 year old. My hands were more than full... I didn't have enough hands. That is when I found I had the amazing help of mothers, friends, neighbours, and even strangers in parking lots. I wanted to create a business where people could strength their relationships with those they love.

And, that is when Our Little Makery was born. From the need to surround myself with a strong community of women, and the want to create something beautiful for my home.