Let’s Talk Paint

Let’s Talk Paint

Let’s Talk Paint

What’s more fun than watching paint dry? Talking about paint! Hear us out – we know this sounds dull but details are so important.

Paint Colours

There were so many things we thought about when we decided on our paint. We chose our current paint line because we wanted you to have lots of options, we wanted to have indoor and outdoor paint, we wanted to use acrylic paint as it is odourless, and we also wanted to make sure we were bringing you high-quality paint for your special projects.

After much debate and research (yes, paint research), we decided to go with Beauti-Tone Signature Matte Indoor/Outdoor Acrylic Velvet Finish from Home Hardware. We have 17 different colours that we feature from this paint line and we absolutely love them all. We spent a lot of time picking out different colours, picking out different shades, picking out different brightness because we really wanted to give you a wide range of options.

We made sure to choose indoor and outdoor paint so that you are using the exact same colours on everything. This means your mats, your porch signs, your front door flip signs, your deck signs and all of your favourite indoor projects that might be going in your bedroom, livingroom, or your kitchen - we knew the paint had to be extremely versatile.

Our colour selection was just as intentional. We decided on the colours that we did because we knew we could re-mix them to offer seasonal choices for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Offering similar shades also allows you to mix different colours and make custom colours within your project. We know it’s really important that the choice of colour varies from project to project, season to season, and unique home to unique home.

With all that said, we have a few tips for you as you venture out into the wild world of paint! Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re picking out your paint colors.

Accent or Blending in?

What is this piece? Is it an accent piece that can stand out? or is this piece blending into the decor you already have? The best way to make your project an accent piece is to match it with other colours that you have around that make a bit of a splash or pop of colour or just pick out a completely different colour that isn’t even in your house so that this piece stands out like the beauty it is.

If this piece is going to go with your existing decor then you want to pick background colours that match the base colours of your house. Those might be white, black, brown, or gray and then you’ll want to add just a little little pop here and there of different colors. Consider steering toward brighter colours for your pop as they seem to stand out better on our background colours than the darker ones do.

What’s your Style?

Another thing you might want to think about when you’re picking out project colours is what the style of your house is. Is it Modern? Is it a Modern Farmhouse? Is it Chic? Is it French Country? Your background colour choice will set the tone of your project and help determine whether or not it matches your home style. As an example, black and white tends to work really well for Modern Farmhouse – as soon as you add in brown and white your project’s look will shift to more of a Country or Traditional look. And, if you have no idea what style your house is, you’re not alone! Use grey – it works with everything.

Unsure of which paint colour to pick? Overwhelmed by our choices? Send us an email with a picture of the place you want to put your project and let us help you pick out the colours. We’d love to design this with you! You can always ask for more colours than you need – deciding is always easier once you see them in the perfect light of your own home.

Choose your project today.

Our Little Makery (formerly Make It Night) is created for two reasons: to give people a DIY project they would love and provide a time and space to create fun memories with friends and family. For more information, visit ourlittlemakery.ca

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